Wendy Williams Honest And Endearing In Live Show

How you doin’?

Wendy Williams was doin’ just fine on Saturday night in Morristown, New Jersey’s Mayo Center, which was the last stop on her nationwide tour called “The Sit Down Tour… Too Real for Stand Up.”

Wendy Williams Tour Review

The night began with DJ Ominaya who got the crowd dancing and excited for the opening acts. The first opener was Roy Wood Jr. from The Daily Show who performed for about ten minutes was very funny. Following a second hilarious opening act, it was time for Wendy to emerge.

Wendy rocked a super cute romper, which she was quick to point out is a part of her clothing line. “The Sit Down Tour” was appropriately named because Wendy only stood a few times, spending most of the time sitting on a white throne and only standing when acting out some of the stories she shared.

For those hoping to see the Wendy from her daytime talk show were in for a bit of a surprise. For starters, the topics that she discussed were definitely not appropriate for daytime television such as the stories of her son walking in while she and her husband were having sex. She also didn’t talk too much about celebrity gossip, which is arguably the best part of the Wendy Williams Show. What she did do was share stories about her life that showed how quick witted and sharp tongued she is.

The show took place at the Mayo Center in Morristown, which is a beautiful theater in New Jersey that has some outstanding performances in the upcoming months. We would highly recommend taking a show in at this venue, as it offered an intimate experience even in the balcony.

Overall, Wendy was just Wendy. She was honest and humorous and endearing, the perfect combination that has made her such a success.

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