Dina Manzo New Boyfriend Vying For RHONJ Spot Exclusive

Trying To Get Back?

Although it did not seem likely that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo would ever return to the show after she called it f’d up last year, it now seems Manzo may want back on our TV screens and largely due to her new boyfriend, Dave Cantin. Want details?

Dina Manzo New Boyfriend Vying For RHONJ Spot Exclusive

Yesterday, The Daily Mail exclusively revealed Cantin to be her boyfriend, claiming both of them are still married, but that Cantin insists Manzo was not the cause of him splitting up from his wife.

Now that this information was release, we knew it would be no time until more info on the pair started getting leaked- and we have some exclusive stuff to dish!

According to an exclusive source we spoke to, “Although Dina made it seem like she would never want back on the show, she now wants back for sure.”

What is pushing her to want back? The insider revealed to us that, “Dina’s boyfriend, Dave, is desperate to be famous- even moreso than Bobby Ciasulli from last season- and is urging her she needs to go back.”

“This man definitely wants to be on camera,” the insider wrapped with telling us, “so don’t be surprised if Dina does end up returning.”

Tell us- would you want to see Manzo back on RHONJ? Sound off in the comments and stay tuned, as there likely will be a lot more news to come.

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