Brandi Glavnille- I Don’t Care What They Say Exclusive

Brandi Glanville


Speaking Out!

Since leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBrandi Glanville has been focused on promoting and selling her great new wine. We were very excited, though, when she offered us the chance to talk exclusively with her about her departure from the show, her issues with some of the women, and more.

Brandi Glanville- I don’t Care What They Say Exclusive

We first asked Glanville why she ultimately decided to depart the show, and she told us, “I want people to see the other sides of my personality. There is more to me then just being the fun drunk girl that says fuck all the time.”

On that front, we asked Glanville how the fan response to her leaving the show was. She revealed that, “Other then a few angry bloggers that feel the need to hate, I have had a ton very positive support saying that I will be missed.”

We next talked to Glanville about some of her costars. First, we questioned her as to what she felt was the ultimate downfall in her relationship with Kyle Richards. She explained that, “I think Kyle wanted to blame her strained relationship with her sister on someone other then herself and because of my closeness with Kim, I was an easy target.”

Speaking of costars, we were curious to hear Glanville’s thoughts on Lisa Vanderpump and Taylor Armstrong claiming she was fired and lying about it. “Lisa and Taylor who?” Glanville replied. “I think they are just trying to get some press at my expense,” she added.

Glanville also explained that people who watch the show have a misconception of her, telling us that they think she’s “only the person they see on Housewives,” but that she has “many different sides” to her. 

Speaking of people’s perception of Glanville, we couldn’t help wondering what she had to say to critics who say she drinks too much. She dished that, “I don’t care what they say because I know the truth. I’m a single mom working my ass off, running a household and raising two little boys.”

Glanville then updated us on her current projects, stating that, “I have my new Sonoma County chardonnay Unfiltered Blonde that I’m super proud of and it’s doing AMAZINGLY.”

“I’m working on getting my new webstore filled with some fun t-shirts and other cool items,” she continued. “I have my podcast just starting its 3rd year called Brandi Glanville Unfiltered. I will being doing a new show starting in November and I also have a development deal with a great network & I’m still working as we speak on my 3rd book.

Glanville wrapped with telling us if she’ll miss being a part of RHOBH, revealing that, “Some part of me misses the good times we had, but the stressful times for me recently definitely outweighed the good times and I’m grateful for a bit of a break.”

We truly appreciate Glanville taking the time to talk to us and are excited for all of her future endeavors!

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