Ted West True West Album Review

A Dylan-Esque Sound!

We always like hearing new music and thus were excited to hear Ted West‘s new album True West. West has an interesting story, having started in the industry as an actor before becoming a singer-songwriter. So how does West’s album hold up?

Ted West True West Album Review

West’s album definitely has an interesting sound and that is immediately apparent from “California,” the opener. His voice immediately reminded me of Bob Dylan with a softer edge to it. I enjoyed the folksy-sound to this song, and particularly found the lyrics smart, especially when West sang, “Some people think this state’s a little weird we got zen politicians, we got pot smokers with beards.”

The next track, “Mr. Jimi,” clearly is an homage of sorts to Jimi Hendrix. I like the vibe that the song has, as it slows the pace down from the opening track, and has a more jazzy vibe to it. It was interesting hearing West’s voice on this track, as it had a smoother sound than on the previous track, showing his versatility as a singer.

“Madder Than Love,” which appears later on the album, is another standout. Rather than sounding like Dylan here, I was immediately reminded of The Doors late singer Jim Morrison, and West sounded great singing in that register. At this point, one of the things that struck me that I liked about the album was how many different influential artists I was reminded of while listening to this album. West has managed to take elements from all of their work and make them his own.

Other standouts on the album include the pretty duet “Song of Perfect Harmony,” and the piano-driven closer “The Crystal Ship.”

With “True West,” West has crafted a really pretty album, chock full of sounds and elements from music past that, simply, work. I would highly recommend checking his album out.

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