Scandal Season 5 Episode 1- Here’s What Went Down

Scandal Season 5 Episode 1

The episode begins to come to a close, but not before the following happens:

– Huck shows up at Jake Ballard‘s door, telling him he needs his help.

– Olivia comes to the White House balcony, and her and Fitz argue over the fact that he wants their relationship to go public, but she isn’t ready. She explains that they need to fix the issues they have before going public, as the press/public will eat them alive and they won’t survive if they’re not completely fixed and on the same page. Fitz agrees to wait until she is ready.

– Of course, it wouldn’t be Scandal if it didn’t end with a complete bombshell- just as they are saying they’re going to wait to announce their relationship to the public, we see Sally Langston back on her show breaking the news of their relationship. As much as they wanted to wait to bring their relationship into the public, thanks to Sally, it is very much now public- and a major Scandal.

Until next week!


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