Shannon Beador Vicki Gunvalson Fight At Finale

Explosive Finale!

Although Real Housewives of Orange County Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson started off this season being close friends, that started to dissipate seemingly due to Beador’s questioning over Brooks Ayers‘s cancer. Recently, Beador spoke to E! News about what to expect in the finale- and it doesn’t sound pretty!

Shannon Beador Vicki Gunvalson Fight At Finale

When talking about the finale, Beador said, “I’m just gonna say, ‘Shannon vs. Vicki.’ That pretty much describes the finale to me. And it’s not something that I’m excited about. It’s not something that should’ve happened.”

Beador also feels her and her husband were supportive of Ayers, stating that, “David and I have been nothing but supportive of Brooks, and Brooks and Vicki’s relationship since, even before we met them… My friendship is being questioned by Vicki and I am loyal to a T. When you’re my friend, you’re my friend for life. It’s just that there were so many different, inconsistent stories.”

Beador added that, “There’s no need for me to talk to her if I’m going to keep getting accused of not being a good friend and drinking the Kool-Aid…What kind of Kool-Aid is that? I don’t get that.”

Tell us- are you excited to watch the finale? Are you surprised to read what Beador said? Let us know in the comments.

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