Gretchen Rossi- Meghan & I Have No Secret Alliance Exclusive

Clearing The Air!

Today, a report surfaced alluding to the fact that Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds was in a secret alliance with Gretchen Rossi. We reached out to Rossi to see what she had to say about this.

Gretchen Rossi- Meghan & I Have No Secret Alliance Exclusive

There is no ‘secret alliance’ between Meghan and I,” Rossi exclusively told us.

“When the press reached out to me, I was asked if I had a relationship with any of the women on the show and I said yes,” Rossi continued. “I named Lizzie, some of the other previous housewives and told them that, interestingly enough, Meghan just recently reached out to me.

Rossi also cleared up a misconception in an article that has surfaced, saying that, “I did not say she (Meghan) ‘called me.’ I said she reached out to me, because she did by text.”

As to what was said in the specific interview, Rossi explained that, “Meghan and I texted about a few things and I told her she reminded me of myself, and to stay true to herself”

“There’s nothing more to this,” Rossi added.

Rossi also cleared up another misconception in the press, telling us that, “I was asked a question about Tamra accusing Slade of being a deadbeat Dad. I responded saying I think it’s ironic that she’s now being called a monster Mom when she went after Slade so harshly. I did not, however, coin the term ‘Monster Mom.’

Rossi wrapped with telling us that, “It should be noted the only time I spoke to the press about these topics was when they contacted me before my Watch What Happens Live appearance and asked to talk about that and my New York Fashion Week success. They asked some other questions during the interview and I responded, as explained. There have been no further interviews on the topic.”

As Rossi mentioned above, she did make quite the splash in this year’s fashion week, having quite the successful show.

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