Vicki Gunvalson Brooks Didn’t Hide Interview With Andy

Vicki Gunvalson Brooks

Not Hidden!

Recently, we exclusively reported that Brooks Ayers taped a 1-on-1 segment with Andy Cohen that is going to be shown to the women during tomorrow’s Real Housewives of Orange County reunion. Since our story, reports have surfaced online that Vicki Gunvalson was blindsided by Ayers’s interview and that he did it behind her back. We reached out to an insider close to the situation to find out what went down.

Vicki Gunvalson Brooks Didn’t Hide Interview With Andy

An insider close to the pair told us that, “Brooks absolutely did not go behind Vicki’s back to do the interview with Andy.”

Vicki was fully aware that Brooks went to NYC and what he was doing there,” the source continued.

So does Vicki have a reason to be afraid of what Ayers said?

Not according to our insider, as they revealed that, “Even though Brooks and Vicki are no longer together, they are still friends. Due to this, he did call her right after the interview and they spoke about what happened.”

“Vicki has nothing to fear tomorrow in terms of what Brooks said,” the source wrapped with telling us.

While Gunvalson may have nothing to fear in regards to what Ayers said, she may have to fear her costars, who are allegedly planning to all go at her tomorrow.

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