Amber Marchese- It’s Risky & Dangerous To Accuse Brooks of Lying

Exclusive Comment!

This season of The Real Housewives of Orange County has largely focused on Brooks Ayers and the women disputing his cancer diagnosis. We decided to reach out to Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese to get her thoughts on what the women are saying about Ayers and his diagnosis. Marchese is a two-time cancer survivor who also talked about it while on the show. What did she have to say?

Amber Marchese Brooks Ayers Cancer Comment Exclusive

“I don’t know enough about Brooks’s case if there is one,” she exclusively told us. “But I think when it comes to an illness, it’s very risky and dangerous to accuse someone that they’re lying and we should give him personal space either way and let him deal with any illness that he may have.”

I know what it feels like first hand to be told that I’m using it as a card,” she continued. “It does not feel good because it’s a very real circumstance. If it’s not real and he is using this as a way of getting attention or being in the papers, then shame on him and he needs to get other type of help, like mental health help. If it is true, I think people need to back off and pray that they never are sitting in that position and having cancer and dealing with something as detrimental as cancer.”
Marchese wrapped with stating that, “Having read through the report that everyone else has seen, he’s got a tough road ahead, but I believe with the right treatment and faith he will be just fine. I will pray for his healing.”
Fans of Marchese can follow her blogs on where she’s been sharing her journey with cancer.
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