Vicki Gunvalson No Longer Believes Brooks Exclusive

Changing Her Tune?

Yesterday, The Real Housewives of Orange County taped their season 10 reunion. While we fully expected Vicki Gunvalson to get it from all directions, we expected her to still support ex Brooks Ayers, as she has defended him all season. Now, an insider who was present at the reunion dished that the unexpected happened yesterday. What do we mean?

RHOC Season 10 Reunion Vicki Doubts Brooks Exclusive

According to the source we spoke to, “After the reunion, Vicki’s outlook on Brooks has completely changed.”

“She went into the reunion believing Brooks 100%,” the insider continued, “but after seeing and hearing things from the women, Vicki doesn’t believe Brooks at all.”

“In fact,” the source added, “she thinks his cancer was faked and she no longer believes anything he told her.”

The insider wasn’t able to offer more details at this time, but as soon as we hear more we will share. This definitely sounds like it’s going to be an explosive and interesting reunion.

Edit: Vicki did contact us to let us know that the source is incorrect and she NEVER doubted Brooks’s cancer and still believes he has it. 

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