Corey Simms Leah Messer Can't Keep A Husband


Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer and her ex Corey Simms showed their turbulent relationship on this season of the show. In the season, Simms firmly believed Messer had a drug problem and wasn’t being the best Mom she could be, while Messer held fast to her claim that she did not have a substance abuse problem. It seems that the two are still not in a good place based on a clip that has leaked from the upcoming reunion, as Simms slams her. What do we mean?

Corey Simms Leah Messer Can’t Keep A Husband

In the video below, Simms and Messer get into it at the reunion, as Simms claims his new wife gave him a backbone to stand up to Messer. He also issues quite the verbal burn to Messer, claiming she “can’t keep a husband for more than two years.”

This leads her to ask him where he was during his first few months of marriage, possibly hinting at a rumored time the pair slept together after Simms was already remarried.

Finally, their verbal spat ends with Messer using the word “monkey,” a safe word she had designated to stop the discussion of a topic she didn’t feel like discussing.

Watch the explosive confrontation below:


Tell us- whose side are you on?

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