Brooks Ayers Cancer Documents To Lead To Fraud Investigation?

Faking To Fraud?

Real Housewives of Orange County has put Brooks Ayers through the wringer this year. Even after he showed cancer documents, the women- and fans of the show- have still erred on the side of doubting the legitimacy of his disease. Now, we have exclusively obtained information on a rumor related to his documents that has yet to be confirmed. What do we mean?

Brooks Ayers Cancer Documents Fraud Investigation?

According to a source close to the situation, we can allegedly share that “Newport Imagine is considering investigating Brooks for fraud.”

Why would they do that?

According to the insider, “Since his documents were shown on the air they have been getting non-stop phone calls about him and the documents he showed. They are starting to find this annoying.”

In addition, the source said that, “Since Newport Imaging doesn’t do the type of scan he showed on camera, they are possibly contemplating investigating him for fraud, as he used their logo.”

It should be noted, again, that we have been unable to confirm if this is true at this time, so for now it is just a rumor.

We did, however, reach out to Ayers for a comment on this and did not hear back.

Tell us- do you think there’s validity to this rumor? 

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