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Jill Zarin- I Miss Bethenny Frankel

Missing Her Friend?

Real Housewives of New York City recently had it’s 100th episode special. On the special, Bethenny Frankel talked about her ex-friend Jill Zarin, calling her “one cunning bitch.” Last night, Zarin appeared on Watch What Happens Live and had a chance to respond to Frankel’s comments. What did Zarin have to say?

Jill Zarin Bethenny Frankel I Miss Her

“I feel really bad,” Zarin said, talking about Frankel’s thoughts on her. “If she really thought that that’s what I was up to. I really wasn’t up to that. It was so long ago it’s hard to remember how I felt. I’ll tell you- and I want to say this- I miss her. And I want to make amends with her. I do. I mean, we tried two years ago, and I know- listen, she’s way moved on. I’ve way moved on. There’s something about us together that was really incredible and I would like to make up with her.”

“What I really think is that she needed a friend like me,” Zarin continued. “In real life. I think she really needed a friend like me. When we were good, we were really good together. And I loved her. I loved her like a sister. I really loved her.”
We have to admit that if Zarin came back to RHONY, we think it would make great television.
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