Kim Zolciak Heart Surgery Happening

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A few weeks ago, Kim Zolciak-Biermann suffered a mini-stroke after returning home to Atlanta from filming an episode of Dancing With The Stars. When she entered the hospital, doctors discovered she had an underlying heart condition. Now, she is planning to go forward with a surgery. Want details?

Kim Zolciak Heart Surgery Happening

When speaking exclusively to E! News, she explained that the mini-stroke happened from a blood clot. This blood clot moved to a side of her heart due to an open valve. This caused the oxygen flow to her brain to cease, which led to the mini-stroke.


My aunt also has the same exact thing with the exact same story at the exact same age which is crazy,” she told E!.

She also revealed that she is planning to have a surgery to close the valve.

“I have one of the top cardiologists in the country who’s amazing,” she stated. “Anything that has to do with you heart and brain is pretty scary, but heck, I’ve been through it. I’m OK.”

We wish her continued good health and will be keeping her in the forefront of our thoughts and prayers during her surgery.

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