Meghan King Edmonds Vicki

Meghan King Edmonds Vicki Went Too Far

Crossing The Line!

Last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County finaleVicki Gunvalson was confronted by the rest of the women over her allegedly lying about things regarding Brooks Ayers‘s cancer. Now, Meghan King Edmonds has taken to her Bravo blog to address Gunvalson’s behavior. What did she have to say?

Meghan King Edmonds Vicki Went Too Far

“It was kind of interesting that Vicki did her best to avoid the girls and me all night,” Edmonds began. “I tried to include her and thought I was being really nice, but she made things awkward and got nervous and ran away. I feel bad that we couldn’t go one night without any drama and that Tamra was dragged into it on her special night.”

Vicki has some nerve to be so offended by Shannon,” Edmonds continued. “Vicki didn’t seem to care that her brother and Rhonda ganged up on Shannon about her marriage, yet Vicki claims Shannon is being the bad friend? How and why did Shannon’s marriage even get involved in this?! Why does Vicki think Shannon got what she deserved? What is she even talking about? There are just so many confusing, unanswered questions. And how ironic that Vicki asked Rhonda how Shannon’s marriage got involved in this, when I’m still wondering the same thing – how did MY marriage get involved when I was asking Vicki about Brooks at the sex party? Pot meet kettle.”

Edmonds wrapped with writing that, “And then there’s Vicki comparing herself to Jesus…what?! She’s going to go as far as comparing herself to Jesus, yet she’s the one sharing a bed with a partner who is supposedly going through cancer treatments, and we all know that she knows what has been going on this whole time. Are they lying about the cancer for sympathy? Who knows. Then Vicki has the nerve to call her own daughter a shit stirrer. Who does that?! Vicki is obviously blinded by her relationship with Brooks and is caught up in keeping up with the far-fetched stories they told. I can’t wait until we can get some answers out of her.”

Tell us- what do YOU think about what Meghan wrote? Are you #TeamMeghan or #TeamVicki? 

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