Farrah Abraham’s Dad Responds To Chelsea Houska Comment

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Yesterday, we reported how Chelsea Houska shouted “Farrah” when Kailyn Lowry was asked what her porn name would be on the Teen Mom 2: Unseen Moments special. We reached out to Farrah Abraham‘s Dad, Michael Abraham, for his thoughts on what Houska said. What did he tell us?

Farrah Abraham’s Dad Responds To Chelsea Houska Comment

We had at first asked Michael if Farrah would comment. To that, he told us, “Honestly I don’t think Farrah will comment because Farrah is not a porn star.”

“She sold one adult video to Vivid which made two adult movies out of it (the second one without permission),” he continued. “A porn star is a person that has made countless adult movies and works and invests major time in that industry to make more and more movies. Farrah has not nor will not. Yes, Farrah’s adult movies are some of the highest money earning videos in history but she is not a porn star.”

So what did he think of Houska’s comment? He explained that, “My opinion about Chelsea’s comment is that it’s her opinion and she has a right to make it, but the fact is Farrah’s adult movies don’t define who she is even though many people do.”

Farrah has successfully proven herself,” he continued. “If it was meant to be a dig, it only shows their immaturity, that they are Judgmental, and don’t respect that Farrah and for that matter her family has moved on. We practice unconditional love, forgiveness, and hope in our family.”

Abraham wrapped with telling us that, “The mistake which Farrah admits to was over 3 years ago and we have moved on to new things. It’s sad that women don’t see the real successes Farrah has made… The big one .. Breaking away from the adult video industry and making the mistake … Lemons… Into lemonade… She is a survivor!”

We appreciate Abraham speaking with us.

Edit: Houska responded via Twitter:

Farrah Abraham's Dad

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