Brooks Ayers Cancer: Vicki Believes Me & More

She’s A Believer!

Last night, the second part of Brooks Ayers‘s two-part interview on E! News aired. In the first part, he claimed the women couldn’t ruin his reputation. In the second part, he talked more about his cancer. What did he have to say?

Brooks Ayers Cancer Vicki Believes Me & More

Absolutely I’m sticking by that,” Ayers said when asked if he’s still standing by the fact that he has cancer, something that has been much disputed this season.

He also commented on ex Vicki Gunvalson allegedly saying she was uncertain if he had cancer at the reunion. He told E! News that, “When Vicki gets in a box, Vicki is a- she’s a peacekeeper as opposed to a peacemaker. Post the reunion she said to me I truly believe everything that you’ve told me and the ladies just backed me into a corner.”
In addition, Ayers discussed his much-disputed consumption of alcohol. He revealed that, “When I first drank, it was for my birthday and for Vicki’s birthday. The only two times I drank alcohol. It was two months post. Now does that end the diet? Not in the diet. It’s all about balance.”
Finally, Ayers updated E! News on the progress of his cancer, stating that it’s “improving. Went from stage 3 initial diagnosis now down to stage 2. I have no more inflammation lesions in my lymphatic system. Just have some blood work numbers that need to come down and normalize.”
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