Tamra Judge- I Wanted To Believe Vicki and Brooks Exclusive

Tamra Judge


False Accusations!

Last night, the second part of Brooks Ayers‘s two-part E! News interview aired. In this part, he made a lofty accusation that Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge believed his cancer documents at first, but then changed her tune for a storyline. Judge spoke to us earlier today to respond to his allegations. What did Ayers say and what did Judge respond?

Tamra Judge I Wanted To Believe Vicki and Brooks Exclusive

On showing Judge the documents, Ayers said, “I did show Tamra and she was convinced at the time until she changed her mind for the storyline.”

Judge exclusively told us that, “To say that I changed my mind about the scan for a ‘story line’ is absolutely false. There was no big conspiracy or ‘fake story line’ as Brooks is claiming.”

“All the ladies noticed that Brooks and Vicki’s stories about his cancer were not adding up,” Judge continued. “It absolutely became a topic of conversation especially after Scott Cruz told us ‘he felt it was all wishy washy and didn’t see it.'”

Judge had more to say, explaining to us that, “I wanted to believe Brooks and Vicki when he showed me his scan.  I don’t know how to read PET/CT scans and that one was especially hard to read because most of the words ran into each other.  I’m not in the medical field and probably wouldn’t know a fake from a real report anyways.”

I reported back to the ladies like they asked me,” she added. “I told them what I read and what the report looked like. Shannon knew right away that NO doctor would accept a report that was not legible. Meghan called and was told they do not do That kind of scan at their location- it would be done in the hospital.”

Judge wrapped with saying that, “Of course when I heard all this, I started doubting too. Anyone would.”

Tell us- what do you think about what Ayers accused Judge of? What about Judge’s response? Sound off in the comments below.

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