Dr. Drew- Leah Messer Will Be Devastated

Speaking Out!

This week, we were saddened- although not completely surprised- to report that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer had lost primary custody of her twins with Corey Simms. Now, Dr. Drew, the host of the Teen Mom 2 reunions, has spoken out about Messer. What did he have to say?

Dr. Drew Leah Messer Will Be Devastated

According to Radar Online, Dr. Drew spoke about Messer while backstage at the Rachel Ray show.

Dr. Drew said that, “I know it’s gonna be devastating for Leah. Leah loves her children. She is a dedicated mother. people are also wondering how she’s doing and if you saw the last reunion show which is the last time I had contact with her, I believed she was making some progress.”

“One of the signs i noticed that the people around her — like her ex-husband and his new wife — people around her were starting to really come down on her,” he continued. “When that starts to happen, that’s a sign to me that the identified patient is getting better. That’s a sign that things are getting better, because when somebody’s aware enough, that the people who have been worried of them and frustrated, the person can actually hear them? That’s when they come down on them. So I told Leah that’s a a good sign and that she should just learn to tolerate it … but to focus on her treatment which she was willing to do.

“She had lots of good questions for me and i was expecting progress,” Dr. Drew wrapped with saying. “I don’t know if this recent issue with the child custody is going to set her back but i certainly wish her the best.”

“She is working very hard and this has been a terribly stressful and painful time for her, so let’s all wish her the best,” he added.

Tell us- what do YOU think about what Dr. Drew said? Did you think Messer was making progress? Sound off in the comments below.

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