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Tried To Warn You!

Last night, the explosive conclusion of The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s tenth season reunion aired. During the final part, we saw Vicki Gunvalson have to try to explain herself in the wake of all of the other women feeling that Brooks Ayers lied about his cancer and that Gunvalson may have been in it. Now, Tamra Judge has exclusively spoken to us about Gunvalson, and how she tried to warn her years ago. What did Judge have to say?

Tamra Judge Vicki, I Tried To Warn You Exclusive

“I’m not gonna lie,” Judge told us, “I’m struggling with forgiving Vicki. Im not sure I can.”

It goes deeper than just lying about Brooks having cancer for me,” Judge continued.

Judge reflected how she knew who Ayers was years ago, telling us that, “I figured Brooks out a long time ago, like so many others. When I voiced my opinion that’s when she turned on me.”

For the past three years she’s told every new housewife what a horrible friend I am and not to trust me,” Judge added. “The only thing I ever did was try to protect her.”

The worst part for me is she knew he was lying and kept saying how evil we were and that we should be praying for him because he was fighting for his life,” Judge continued. “Then she referenced herself as Jesus being nailed to the cross. It’s completely contradictory and convoluted.”

Judge wrapped with saying that, “I hate to say it but ‘I tried to warn you!'”

Previously, Judge had told us that she wanted to believe Gunvalson and Ayers, but that she eventually started doubting them.

Tell us- what do you think about what Judge said? Should Gunvalson have listened long ago? Sound off in the comments below.

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