Leah Remini- I Need To Be Able To Ask Questions

A Questioning Troublemaker!

Leah Remini has been very brave in writing her new book, Troublemaker, where she opens discusses her time in the Church of Scientology. This morning, Remini appeared on Wendy Williams, and discussed some of her new book. What did she have to say?

Leah Remini Troublemaker Wendy Williams Interview

When asked why she left scientology, Remini responded, “I had to write a book to answer that question (of why did I leave)… I also want to be fair to something that i was loyal to and dedicated my life to… I wanted to give it credit where credit was due. It was a big part of my life. And- to be simple about it, because it’s in the book- I, as I grew up… and I got bigger and bigger roles and greatly accredited to the church. But I have to be able to question things.”

“That’s where this organization differs,” she continued, “you have to pay for it. It’s not free… It’s (very) expensive. It’s not easy for me to sit and be so critical… I know how hard it is to be a scieftologist. Every day you have to be there 2.5 hours a day, minimum. An education is not that important- or higher education- the teachings is what is really focused upon. You’re a kid. You’re not begging your mother to go to school. It was a lot more study than had I gone to school.”

I need to be in something where it’s okay to ask questions,” she later added.

We applaud Remini for being so open about this controversial religion.

Tell us- are you picking up her new book? Sound off in the comments below.

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