Tony Fazio- Another Way Review

Album Review!

We are always excited to check out new music, and thurs were happy to get the opportunity to check out jazz artist Tony Fazio’s new album, “Another Way.” So is the album worth a listen?

Tony Fazio Another Way Review

The album opens with the fast paced title track, and you can immediately here what a talented jazz musician Fazio is. I immediately found myself nodding along to the jazzy drums, and felt transported in my head to a jazzy nightclub. I also enjoyed the lyrics, especially the part that read, “I got my solace to get me out of a rut.”
“Liar,” which comes next, continues with the jazzy vibe, but slows things down a bit tempo-wise. The instrumentals on this track had a bit more of a sexy vibe than the predecessor, which made sense, as it’s talking about someone in a relationship who has lied. Unfortunately, on this track, I did find the vocals a little rough at times, but it was still an enjoyable listen overall.
“Home,” which appears later on the album, was my favorite track on the album. The song sounds like a combination of jazz and alternative rock, and it made for an interesting fusion. I also liked the vocals on this song, finding them to be the best on the record. Finally, the theme of going home and just being in peace in your home really connected with me, as I had just returned from a long trip.
Other songs on the album include the lyrically melancholy “Sad and Blue,” and a traditional blues-esque number, “Early Morning Blues.”
If you are a fan of jazz music with a bit of an edge, I would highly recommend checking out Tony Fazio’s new album, as you won’t be disappointed.
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