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Yolanda Foster Gets In Fight At RHOBH Finale

Drama Alert!

A while back we reported that the women on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were starting to question Yolanda Foster‘s lyme disease, and that she wasn’t taking took kindly to it. Now, according to Radar Online, Foster got into a fight with the women at the recently taped finale over this. Want details?

Yolanda Foster RHBOH Finale Fight Over Lyme

A source who dished on the finale said that, “Yolanda came with a mission to make a scene.”

“She learned that the women had been questioning her Lyme disease diagnosis, with Lisa Rinna and Taylor Armstrong leading the charge,” the insider continued. “Taylor wasn’t at the party but that didn’t stop Yolanda from lighting into Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle.”

Why were the women questioning her in the first place?

The source explained that, “The ladies seemed to think Yolanda had become a hypochondriac, or was making herself sick from undergoing so many alternative treatments. Yolanda was very, very upset and did indeed yell at them.”

Yolanda is obviously very sensitive to anyone accusing her of faking the illness,” the insider wrapped with saying. “These women aren’t true friends and Yolanda wishes she had never done the show.”

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