Jim Marchese- People Are Trying To Spin The Story Exclusive

Last week, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese’s husband, Jim Marchese, reacted to Andy Cohen talking about his children and made some comments about Teresa Giudice and her children. Since then, there has been some backlash, including a tweet from Richard Wakile that told Jim and Amber to “sit down” and “shut the f**k up.” We caught up exclusively with Jim exclusively today and he further explained his comments and responded to Wakile. What did he have to say?

Jim Marchese People Are Trying To Spin The Story Exclusive

“I would like to thank the RHONJ fans for their overwhelming support of my statements concerning Teresa Checks In and how Andy and Bravo have twisted the show into a dark ugly place,” Marchcese said, resferencing his comments on All About The Tea.

“I have read a few comments criticizing my choice of words when referring to how Andy and Bravo portrayed Gia,” Marchese continued. “To make things very clear; I will use small words so even the people with an IQ of 12 can understand.  I did not criticize the child, my remarks were specific to the studio, Andy and the young girl’s parents.  If you read my comments on All About Tea, I said, “ I cannot believe how Andy portrayed Gia and Joe allowed it….that poor child should never have been placed in that situation.”

Marchese had more to say, explaining that, “Anyone saying otherwise is trying to spin the story.  It is noteworthy I used colorful language to ensure the story was given proper acknowledgement.  After all, the ‘character I played on RHONJ was scripted to be salacious, over the top and rude.’  I wanted to stay in character as the show started filming again.  After all we don’t want people knowing how fake the show really is and that their idols are really characters created in a back room.”

It is not like the show is scripted, editorialized or generalized, right Andy?” Jim added.

Marchese still had more to say, telling us that, “Only a drunk, soon to be incarcerated criminal who has not paid his mortgage would eat off of Gucci plates and allow his daughter’s innocents to be sacrificed for Andy’s greed.”

Marchese wrapped with addressing Richie Walkie’s comments, stating that, “If you are so concerned for the child, step in and get her father some help like AA. A drunk should not be in charge of children.  If you really care for more than your wife’s paycheck, have a Guardian Ad Litem appointed to protect the interests of the children and stop your wife from helping BRAVO exploit the children.  After all, no one gives a shit about cannoli’s and your only scene work is going to be exploiting Tre’s and Joe’s incarceration.”

One thing that can certainly be said about Marchese is he does not ever hold back from saying how he truly feels.

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