Caitlyn Jenner- God Put Me On This Earth To Tell My Story

Moving Speech!

Last night, Caitlyn Jenner accepted her award for Glamour‘s Woman Of The Year. As one of numerous recipients of the award, Jenner had to give a speech. In line with her ESPY’s speech, Jenner had quite the moving words to share. What did she say?

Caitlyn Jenner Glamour Woman Of The Year Speech

“When it comes to gender,” Jenner shared, “everyone in this room is on a journey. We are constantly learning, growing as human beings, learning about ourselves. But there’s a segment of this population that when it comes to gender, there is mass confusion deep down inside.”

“I’ve had many, many, many years of isolation of hiding from the world, lying to the world, of not being myself,” she continued.

Jenner also revealed that, “I sat down with my pastor, talked to him, about my issues. And yes, I had a lot of conversations with God. And I came to the conclusion that you know what, maybe this is why god put me on this earth. To tell my story. To be authentic to myself about who I am and in doing that, maybe you can make a difference in the world.

What a great opportunity in life to have,” she added. “So few of us ever get that opportunity…after making these decisions and coming out, it was by far the best thing that I ever did.”

“I like being myself,” Jenner also told the audience. “And in doing that, it’s been an amazing opportunity we have for change, for people to understand this issue because it’s so difficult.”

We applaud Jenner for how far she’s come on her journey and for using her platform to inspire and educate.

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