Adam Lind- Chelsea Is Not Who My Tattoo Depicts


Two days ago, Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska‘s ex, Adam Lind, posted a photo to his Instagram of one of his tattoos. This particular tattoo seems to be causing some controversy; however, Lind has issued comments clarifying the situation. What do we mean?

Adam Lind Chelsea Is Not Who My Tattoo Depicts

The particular tattoo Lind posted depicts a redheaded skeleton who appears to be eating a heart. Lind captioned the picture, “My sexy red head 🙂 eating my heart out ????.”

Here is the picture:

Adam Lind Chelsea

Fans immediately called out Lind, claiming that the picture was Houska.

However, he clarified that, “No I don’t miss her I’m sure she feels the same … And to everyone .. This tattoo is about 3yrs old… Js.”

Tell us- do you believe what Lind said or do you think this is actually Houska? Sound off in the comments below.

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