Dina Manzo Affair- How She Met The Man Exclusive

Dirty Dina!

Back in September, it was revealed that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo was having an affair with a married man who was covering up some truths. Now, we have exclusively talked to a source who has revealed how the pair met- and it’s quite interesting. Want details?

Dina Manzo Affair How She Met The Man Exclusive

A source in the know dished that, “Dina and her man, Dave Cantinmet at a Project Ladybug event.”

While that sounds innocent in terms of how they met, it wasn’t, as the insider revealed that, “Dave’s wife was with him! Dina met him that night and basically stole him from his wife!

The insider we spoke to also confirmed something we already knew- Dina was NOT by his side when he was dealing with cancer, his wife was.

“The entire situation is truly sad,” the source added. “Dave’s wife and children are struggling to pay bills, as he is channeling all his money in Dina and her daughter’s direction.”

The insider wrapped with saying that, “Dina always tries to make herself look so good, but what she’s doing here is not cool at all.”

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