Lizzie Rovsek- Can We Move On From Brooks? Exclusive

Time To Move On!

It seems that everyone from The Real Housewives of Orange County has a say about what’s going on with Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers. We reached out to Lizzie Rovsek to get her stance on things. What did she have to say?

Lizzie Rovsek Brooks Ayers Exclusive Comment

“To be really honest, I really didn’t care that much,” Lizzie exclusively told us. “It was never that interesting to me because I would assume that you wouldn’t lie about something like that. I have always heard that he wasn’t a really stand up guy but i saw Vicki happy with him and I never saw him do anything bad.”

He’s obviously a con artist of some sort,” she continued. “My energy is more geared towards Vicki. I think that what we need to focus on now is making sure Vicki gets a nice man in her life and that she mends relationships with her friends.”

Why does Rovsek think Ayers had such a hold over Gunvalson? She told us that, “Love takes a hold of people. If you love somebody, it’s so hard to get away from them, even if it’s the worst person ever. I don’t know how much she did know or didn’t know, but I feel sorry for her. She loved this man and he was lying to her and the whole world.”

“I think we can all agree she was a little bit blinded by her relationship,” Rovsek added. “I feel bad for her. My heart goes out to her.”

“He basically admitted to lying about the cancer.  Can we finally just move on?”  Rovsek wrapped with telling us. “He’s getting way too much attention and fame and I’m sure he’s loving it.”

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