Lauri Peterson- No One Is Buying Vicki & Brooks’s Crap

Full Of Crap!

All of The Real Housewives of Orange County past and present have been commenting on Brooks Ayers and Vicki Gunvalson’s scandal, but the one person we have not heard from yet is Lauri PetersonAs fans of the show may remember, Peterson was one of the original cast members and, while initially close to Gunvalson, ended up having some issues with her. So what did Peterson have to say?

Lauri Peterson Vicki and Brooks Are Full Of Crap Exclusive

Peterson told us exclusively that, “When I first met Brooks, the word con artist came to mind. He was slicker than snot! He was overly composed and everything he said to me seemed to be rehearsed and thought out.”

“I’ve never responded publicly about Vicki or Brooks unless I was attacked by them publicly,” Peterson continued. “The majority of the time I do not give any response as neither Vicki nor Brooks are relevant in my life any longer. Both of them are proven liars over and over. I would never trust either one of them ever again.”

Peterson was able to point to a recent incident where Gunvalson lied again, telling us that, “Vicki just recently lied to Andy Cohen when she implied that during our recent run in that she forgave me! The topic of forgiveness never came up. I would never apologize for speaking the truth.”

“During season 8, I was made out by Vicki to be a liar and a horrible person,” Peterson added. “Vicki knows the truth and I don’t know how she sleeps at night knowing how much she misled the other Housewives about me. She especially teamed up with Tamra and manipulated her to the point that Tamra really wouldn’t give me the time of day. I was disappointed that Tamra allowed that instead of thinking for herself and using her personal experiences to cast judgement.”

So is Peterson shocked at Ayers’s situation? Not so much, as she revealed that, “The fact that Brooks lied about having cancer comes as no surprise to me. I feel that he has lived off of Vicki for many many years now and he would go as far as necessary to keep that gravy train going!”

“They needed sympathy from viewers, other cast and family members in order to get them off their backs about their relationship,” she continued. “The question shouldn’t be ‘did Vicki know he didn’t have cancer,’ but rather “how could she have not known?” Loved ones crawl into the hospital bed of a loved one receiving chemo as it is lonely and frightening. If George or a family member  had cancer, I would be at every appointment possible.”

Peterson wrapped with commenting on Ayers faking records, stating that, “Isn’t it a lot harder to fabricate medical records when you have ‘real’ ones? Please tell me no one is buying this load of crap!”

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