Scott Cruz Vicki Altered What I Said Exclusive

Altered Conversation!

We recently spoke to Scott Cruz, the psychic that revealed he didn’t see Brooks Ayers having cancer. Below is the second part of our conversation with Cruz, where we asked him how he felt after making the big reveal and what he sees for Ayers and Vicki Gunvalson now. What did he have to tell us?

Scott Cruz Vicki Altered What I Said Exclusive

“After I filmed, I felt disconnected, because I felt like we talked about these things and I knew what it was going to turn into at that point,” Cruz exclusively told us. “It felt negative to me after because I don’t work in that way. When I talked to Vicki, she basically altered what I said about me saying I felt disgusting and felt the need to bathe  because she thinks I was plotted to come on by others. However, I felt the need to bathe because of the cancer assessment that I made. It was not positive energy for me to tap into someone who I saw was possibly lying about cancer. The girls were not on board with him faking cancer. That was something that was implied because i did not see it. And after to my knowledge that it was possible he was lying about it, that’s where the need to bathe came in.”

So what does Cruz see for Ayers and Gunvalson? “I vowed to myself that I would never tap into him again,” he explained. “I don’t care to. I feel like he’s got so much energy and attention that I refuse to even tap my energy into it anymore.”

“People have asked me before what about Vicki?” he continued. “I just think that part of her was in the half stage of half yes of knowing and half being oblivious. I think she chose to be oblivious to certain things, but deep down inside she knew. She didn’t want it to be true, but she went along for the ride. Whether or not she’s completely oblivious? No.  She’s completely in on it? No. She was in the center.”

“She knew in the back of her head that this was a possibility and she did not want to believe it,” Cruz expounded. “That’s what I feel about it. Because at the same time if she’s been defending this man for so long and then this comes out, it’s gonna look bad on her. That’s why she didn’t want to believe it.”

Cruz wrapped with saying that, “I kind of feel bad for her in a sense, but this may be a moment for her to reflect on her own self worth and figure out how does she value herself? I mean by that the circumstances she’s going to put herself involved in. What becomes more of a priority? Family, friends, or a relationship because of being alone?”

We appreciate Cruz talking with us and highly recommend you check out his psychic services here.

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