Charlie Sheen HIV Open Letter Exclusive

Open Letter!

After finding out the news surrounding Charlie Sheen‘s admitting he is HIV positive this morning, I felt compelled to write him an open letter. I look forward to hearing your feedback on it.

Charlie Sheen HIV Open Letter Exclusive

Dear Charlie,

I want to start out by saying that I absolutely wish you the best. I cannot even begin to imagine the magnitude of having to get the news that you are HIV positive. It has to be among the scariest, life-altering pieces of information that one can ever receive. I’m sure that upon receiving the news, you were frightened, shooken to your core, and more.
While I appreciate you being forthcoming on The Today Show about your health issues this morning, I’m hoping that in retrospect you now realize that you could have done more of a service to the world by sharing this news upon your discovery of it. You have a huge platform as a celebrity and the fact that you didn’t share that you were HIV positive along the way, and admitted to having unprotected sex with two women after finding out that you were HIV positive (even though you claimed these women knew), is upsetting.
As a gay man, we frequently have been programmed to put HIV and Aids at the forefront of our minds when approaching sex. I’m not saying all gay men are responsible, as there are some- just like straight people- who are irresponsible; however, it’s disappointing that you could have used your diagnosis to educate the world, rather than use it to potentially harm people along the way.
In addition, hearing you say that if you had protected sex it was “almost guaranteed” that the disease could not be passed on to someone else was not only untrue but it’s a dangerous statement to be putting out there, as people could hear it and believe it.
There is also something else that bothers me about you divulging the news- and that’s the idea that you claim you decided to do this to put an end to stories that were coming out/someone else outing the news. You also detailed how you told people along the way, clearly “too many” for the secret to be kept.  HIV should not be something you are ashamed of. There is no shame in being sick; however, there is shame in “hiding” it like it’s a secret that shouldn’t get out. Having HIV is something you absolutely SHOULD be telling people, both to protect them and educate them.
I hope that now that you have decided to finally confirm this news, you will decide to do something positive with it. We only have one life to live and why not live yours to the fullest potential, and turn this bad news into something positive by educating the world about prevention, protection, and more. You have the platform to do so, and I hope you use it to your full potential.
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