Emile Kotze Below Deck Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview!

On this season of “Below Deck”, we met a few new hot additions to the Ero’s crew… one being deckhand Emile Kotze, who spiced things up in more ways than one! We followed the “South African Prince” this season as he tried to win the heart of fellow crew member, Rocky Dakota… and showed the world just how charming he really is. With all the drama this season, this young gun held his own and was never afraid to tell us how he really felt. Check out my exclusive interview below, where I got a chance to ask him all of my burning questions about the most scandalous and dramatic season yet.



Emile Kotze Below Deck Exclusive Interview

Q: What did you think of the show before joining the cast this season?

A: I thought it was alright. It didn’t really portray the profession. I had a lot of respect for Eddie and I definitely looked up to Eddie. When I saw he was back on for the third season, I was happy because he’s definitely professional.

Q: Which crew members did you instantly hit it off with and which ones did you have some issues with?

A: They probably had their reservations about me, especially Eddie. What I saw on the show and what I know in reality was completely different. As a person he’s definitely different. This season he was more who he really is in real life.

Q: Obviously there were a lot of crew changes throughout the entire season… do you agree with Captain Lee’s decision about firing Leon?

A: The captain is always right.


Q: You’re a real ladies man! How do you feel having women cling to you constantly?

A: Essentially, I’m a dork. I’m a nerd. Everybody now tries to force people to be a certain way… they just put pressure on me. I was raised very conservative. I have to like someone before I hook up with them. I’m not just going to go for any girl that I don’t have feelings for. I have a girlfriend right now, and i’m very proud to have her. She’s beautiful and she keeps me on my toes.

Q: Do you believe that you’re different in real life than they portray you on the show?

A: Yes, of course I am! They don’t have enough time to portray me. I’m trying to be young & dynamic. I’m trying to have a yachting career and trying to start businesses while yachting. I always like to have different options. Putting all your eggs in one basket, is not my thing. I would rather have a couple of nests and see how it hatches.

Q: Did you really have feelings for Rocky?

A: Yes, I definitely did. It was clear that I did like her. I can’t lie about that. I liked a lot of her fun, her laughter… She had so many things that were so good about her, but it was up and down. If I met her outside of the boat and our working environment, our relationship could have gone in a different direction.

Q:  Do you really think it is a turn on when you say the things you do about having sex to a woman, when you are trying to get with them? Seeing Rocky’s reaction have you tried to be more respectful in those situations?

A: I would definitely have done otherwise. At those times I was not thinking. I was trying to be humoring in those attempts. Also, I was under the influence of alcohol. I should have been more respectful and mannered.

Q: What is your relationship with Rocky like now?

A: We are friends, but it’s touchy because I have actually tried to give her advice and help her out. I tried to explain to her that I am a friend and i’ll always have her back, but she needs to accept some of the mistakes she’s made. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to take my friendly advice… she wants to see it as an attack and it’s NOT.

Q: Do you think that you will join the crew again next season?

A:We will have to wait and see!


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