Brooks Ayers- Vicki Used Me And Is STILL Contacting Me

Calling Vicki Out!

Last night, Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson appeared on a special episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she “told all” about Brooks Ayers. We exclusively caught up with Ayers this morning to talk extensively about the interview, things that went on with Gunvalson, and more. Below is the first of three parts of our exclusive interview where Ayers discusses how Gunvalson used him for a storyline and confirmed on the record that she is absolutely still contacting him!

Brooks Ayers- Vicki Used Me And Is STILL Contacting Me

When asked if Gunvalson has contacted him, he confirmed that, “Yes, she has- via text, email, and phone. (It was) as recent as yesterday.”

“She actually emailed me three weeks ago her itinerary for her trip to Florida because she knew I was looking at housing in that area and wanted to know if we could meet,” he continued. “I was shocked when she referenced last night that she was spending Thanksgiving with Donn and the family this week. She filmed this one-on-one last Wednesday morning, flew to Tampa on Wednesday night, sent me a text on Thursday night…”

Having known now what she filmed on Wednesday morning about her feelings towards me and then Thursday night wanting to know if I’m still (around) raises a big flag to me,” Ayers added. “What’s her motive? Does she feel guilty about what she said? Is she just playing both sides? I’m really confused.”

Ayers also addressed the fact that Gunvalson used him, not the other way around as she purported last night.

He told us, “This season, I do feel like she used and exploited my health issues to be relevant on the show- to garner sympathy from the other ladies. This was not something I tried to create. This was all Vicki… I became concerned about whether she was really interested in helping me get healthy, or was she interested in being relevant on the show?”

Ayers also added that, “When she was on Watch What Happens Live in December, Andy actually pulled her aside and told her that if I didn’t film– because I was part of her reality- her role would in fact be reduced. Andy even validated that a week later in one of his Ask Andy interviews. For her to say last night that’s not the case? Again, that’s another lie.”
“I absolutely feel used,” Ayers wrapped on saying on this point. “She wanted me to film in the spring my treatment and cancer issues to garner sympathy from the ladies. That wasn’t my idea. I don’t need sympathy from anybody. I know the truth. Vicki wants everybody to like everybody at all times. In hindsight, I never should have filmed anything at all and Vicki would have had her role reduced. I firmly believe that.”
Make sure to stay tuned for more of our exclusive conversation with Ayers in the coming days.
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