Leah Messer Custody

Leah Messer Custody Could Be Returned To Her?

Custody Reversal?

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer sadly lost primary custody of her twins with ex-husband Corey Simms recently. While it was rumored Messer would fight the loss, it seems she now has something in her court to go forward with. What do we mean?

Leah Messer Custody Loss Reversal Possible

According to a new Radar Online article, Messer met with the superintendent of the schools her daughters attend.

When meeting with him, multiple sources dished to Radar that, “Messer proved they were both on time nearly every day in their first months of school, and the board admitted they were in the wrong.”

“Leah had all kinds of proof to shut them down,” a source added.“They admitted the records were inaccurate.”

So how did the attendance records- which were used as evidence to show the girls as frequently tardy in an effort to show Messer as unfit- get changed in the first place? The insider told Radar that, “Leah is convinced Corey and Miranda persuaded a school employee to mark them tardy.”

Now that she has this proof, though, the insider claims that she “has a good chance of bringing this to the court. She really could get her daughters back.”

Tell us- do you think Messer having proof her daughters weren’t late is enough for her to re-gain primary custody of them? Sound off in the comments below.

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