Shannon Beador- Vicki Told Many Lies On Her WWHL Special

Telling The Truth!

Last night, Vicki Gunvalson appeared on a Watch What Happens Live special with Andy Cohen to address all the rumors circulating around her since the season ended. After the special aired, Shannon Beador did a live Facebook video, where she detailed that Gunvalson is NOT telling the truth still in many areas. Want details?

Shannon Beador Vicki Told Many Lies On Her WWHL Special

On her video Beador had much to say about Gunvalson’s lies, which we have detailed here:

“I am so freaking done talking about the Vicki/Brooks cancer lie nonsense,” Beador began. “I did just watch the WWHL special with Vicki and I am absolutely floored. The victim card, the I was duped speaking engagement that Vicki Gunvalson is on is completely ridiculous to me.”

“I’m really, really angry about what happened tonight,” Beador continued. “There were so many lies on the Watch What Happens Live special tonight.”
Beador then addressed the lies, saying, “So- what I had issue with- the first thing is that Vicki on the reunion said that for four hours she sat at the City of Hope. She sat in the waiting room on her computer for four hours. On her Mario Lopez interview on Extra, she says that she picked him up. On Andy’s Watch What Happens Live interview she says, ‘yeah I called him and I picked him up and then we walked around for half an hour.’ Those are conflicting stories because Vicki now realizes ‘I can’t say that I was there for four hours anymore because City of Hope has denied treating him.’ These lies are so blatant and I get so freaking irritated about it because I came on the show this season and talked about something I didn’t want to talk about, but it was my truth and my reality.  And I didn’t want to talk about it. And this woman fabricated something way prior to filming.”
Beador also addressed another lie Gunvalson told, stating that, “She says that in June and July she and Brooks were arguing right before they broke up- arguing all the time about show me the records, show me the records  so she could show the ladies. Do you know that we stopped filming the first week of May? What are you talking about? You- none of us were talking to you at the time! It’s a joke. You didn’t want to show the ladies anything. It all just makes your story sound that much better.”
Beador also addressed why she won’t forgive Gunvalson when she’s forgiven others, specifically stating that, “People are going to say to me- you forgave your husband, you forgave Tamra, you forgave Heather and you know what? I did. I did. Because each one of them owned the hurt that the did to me. Vicki says I’m sorry, I love Shannon, what all this nonsense? Let me tell you. My phone has not rung once. I have received zero apology. It’s all for the cameras… No apologies yet. No remorse, still. It’s a joke.”
We appreciate Beador being so candid and open with her fans immediately after Gunvalson’s WWHL special aired.
Tell us- what do YOU think about what Beador said? Are you surprised to hear some of Gunvalson’s lies she exposed? Sound off in the comments below.

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