Brooks Ayers- Vicki Used My Health For Sympathy Exclusive

Part 2!

Yesterday, we revealed the first part of our exclusive interview with Brooks Ayers, in which he revealed that Vicki Gunvalson had indeed been contacting him since their breakup. In our second part, below, Ayers details how they did NOT fight in June/July about his medical records and how almost everything Shannon Beador said in her video she posted after Gunvalson’s interview was correct.

Brooks Ayers Vicki Used My Health For Sympathy Exclusive

When we asked about Gunvalson claiming that Ayers and her fought in June/July about him showing his medical records to the ladies- even though this was after filming- he confirmed this was not true.

“Vicki has a way of getting the dates mixed up and playing dumb and ignorant and is not good with dates,” Ayers exclusively told us. “Vicki and I were fighting back in February and March about me showing documents or not showing documents.”

“As the world knows now, I showed fake documents because I never intended to be bullied to show medical records,” Ayers continued. “That’s my fault for presenting a lie. That’s the only thing I’ve done wrong here.”

Everything that Shannon ranted about on her Facebook last night is totally true except for me faking cancer,” he added.

Ayers had more to add, detailing that, “I have a lot of emails and texts that will vindicate me in regards to these asinine stories in regards to me faking cancer. She wanted me to use the healthcare stuff to garner sympathy from her castmates and her family.”

“She was not involved in my treatment,” he continued. “She presented to the world that she was an involved caregiver but she was an absent caregiver. It makes me sad she makes up stories to make herself look better. Insecure people tear other people down, while secure people try to build others up. She’s not the victim here and time will demonstrate that.”

Stay tuned for part 3 of our exclusive interview with Ayers coming soon.

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