Brooks Ayers- Vicki Is Out For Her Reputation Exclusive

Out For Herself!

Last week, we exclusively talked to Brooks Ayers, the ex-boyfriend of Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson. In part one, he addressed the fact that Gunvalson still contacts him. Then, in part two, he discussed the fact that the pair were NOT fighting over him showing medical records in June/July. Now, in part three below, Ayers discusses his thoughts on Gunvalson continually flip-flopping on if he has cancer and what it felt like to be referred to as a “wife” by her.

Brooks Ayers Vicki Is Out For Her Reputation Exclusive

On the fact that she keeps flip-flopping on whether he has cancer or not, Ayers told us that, “That’s typical Vicki. When you compare most aspects of her life, she tells people what she thinks they want to hear so they will accept her as a person.”

“If she thinks somebody wants her to say that I don’t have cancer, that’s what she’s going to say,” he continued. “When she’s talking to me, she’s going to say otherwise.”

“If Im that bad of a person and she hates me that much, for the last six to eight weeks, why does she continue to call me and text me?” he added. “I have communicated back that I don’t want to communicate with her anymore. She’s only out for one thing- herself and her reputation.”

Ayers also addressed Gunvalson claiming he was like a wife, revealing that, “I think that’s what partners do in a relationship. You prop up and support others and make their lives easier. She needed a wife? I thought I was just being a supporting partner.”

That was kind of a slam,” he continued. “I’m certainly a lot of things, but a wife I’m not. She didn’t pay for everything for me. I have a career. I have my own money and pay my own bills.”

He wrapped with telling us that, “Vicki demeans others. That’s what she does in her relationships. She treated Donn the same way she’s treating me. It shows her true colors.”

While we promised you three parts we delivered on, there was even more from our conversation with Ayers! Tune in tomorrow for a final exclusive part!

In the meantime, tell us- what do YOU think about what Ayers said? Let us know in the comments below.

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