Brooks Ayers- The Women Doubted Me Because of Vicki

Final Thoughts!

We have recently featured an extensive interview with Brooks Ayers, the ex-boyfriend of Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson. In the first part, he addressed the fact that Gunvalson still is contacting him. In part two, he revealed that the pair were NOT fighting over him showing medical documents in June/July as Gunvalson had asserted. Then, in part three, he discussed Gunvalson flip-flopping on his cancer diagnosis to save her reputation. Finally, below, we reveal some final thoughts Ayers had, including how he understands why the women may have thought he faked cancer due to their source of information- Vicki.

Brooks Ayers Cancer Doubted Because of Vicki Exclusive

First, Ayers addressed his cancer being outed by media online last year. He told us that, “I never approacehed anybody. I was approached because Vicki communicated, against my wishes, things to people.”

“I have that in email, too,” he continued. “I did not want my cancer to become a storyline. I wanted to deal with it privately. Vicki, on the other hand, wanted to use this for sympathy and a storyline. I have that in email with Vicki documented. If she wants to question that, I am happy to share the email.”

Finally, we asked Ayers if he understands why the other women on the show may have doubted his diagnosis due to all of the information they were hearing.

I understand why they had suspicions based on who they were getting their information from Vicki,” he wrapped with telling us. “The irony of ‘consider the source’ is consider the source of who they were getting their information from.”

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