Yolanda Foster Lyme Disease

Yolanda Foster Prepared To Show Medical Documents

Ready For War!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster has been struggling with a battle with lyme disease for quite some time now. Unfortunately, her costars this season reportedly start questioning her diagnosis, something Foster is understandably not okay with. Now, a new Radar Online report is claiming that Foster plans to show all of her records in order to shut the rumors down. Want details?

Yolanda Foster Lyme Disease Will Show Medical Records

A source told Radar that Foster “seems to be the center of all the drama.”

The ladies have continued to question her Lyme disease diagnosis, all behind her back,” the insider continued. “Knowing the cattiness of the ladies, Yolanda isn’t surprised about the whispers, but just wishes it would have been expressed to her directly.”

After The Real Housewives of Orange County, though, Foster is preparing to be vigilant in handling this situation. “Yolanda watched how Bravo handled Brooks’s cancer scandal,” the source explained. “She won’t tolerate this playing out as gossip fodder or allow the show to minimize the seriousness of what she’s been through.”

So what does Foster plan to do?

The insider wrapped with telling Radar that, “There are binders of medical reports, lab test results that Yolanda has, and will go public with. She has absolutely nothing to hide.”

We feel bad that Foster has to go to these lengths to prove herself, but are happy to hear she will shut these reports down.

Tell us- what do you think about Foster showing her records to prove the other ladies wrong? Sound off in the comments below.

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