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Daniel Grinberg- Short Stories Worth A Listen

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We always love getting to hear unique and interesting music. For this reason, we were very excited to hear “Short Stories,” the new album from Daniel Grinberg that promised to “allow the listener to be transported to a whole new world.” So how does it hold up? 

Daniel Grinberg Short Stories Album Review

The album opens with “80 Years,” a beautiful folk-rock number that features a female vocalist with a gorgeous voice. I also liked the prophetic lyrics that immediately made the listener think about their life, where she sang, “80 years ain’t all that much… from the moment you were born till the moment you have died, 80 years are not that much.” 
“The Forest,” which appears a few tracks later, has a slightly more upbeat vibe than the folksy “80 Years,” but it definitely falls in line with transporting the listener to another world musically. As the listener, you definitely feel like you are hearing something magical and different, much as the album promised. Grinberg’s voice goes front and center, and it draws comparisons to Depeche Mode, which I found very interesting. 
“Old Town,” another track on the album, starts with guitar strings that almost sound like “Sweet Home Alabama” without the drums. The vibe on this track, though, is much more prophetic, where Grinberg solemnly sings, “Sometimes I miss my childhood town, empty and lonely streets, from other times.” I definitely enjoyed the sad, contemplative vibe of this track. 
Other songs included on the album are the gorgeous “Hey You,” “Thanks,” in which the vocals show a lot of depth, and the interesting closer “You Give Me.”
Overall, with “Short Stories,” Daniel Grinberg has created an interesting, introspective record that is definitely worth checking out. In a world where so much sounds over produced and similar, this definitely stands out as a unique project that is worthy of the accolades it will likely receive. 
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