Amber Marchese- Teresa & Nicole Are Disgruntled Employees

Answering Back!

Recently, Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano made some off-collar comments, claiming Amber Marchese– who left the show on her own accord– was fired. We exclusively spoke to Marchese- who has had nothing but kind things to say about the twins after they patched things up- to see what she had to say.

Amber Marchese Teresa & Nicole Disgruntled Employees

I don’t take it personally when employees of mine are disgruntled after I terminate them,” Marchese exclusively told us. “Given their financial situations, it’s understandable.”

“When Jim and I made the decision to not go back to the show, I knew it would end their 5 minutes of fame,” she continued. “However, they should be grateful to me for giving them this opportunity. A simple thank you would be appropriate.”

“Given the contracts they signed with me,” Marchese expounded, “they should speak to their lawyer before making slanderous remarks about me and my husband. We were never friends. They were nothing more than contractual employees of mine. And being nothing more than hired help for me, they know nothing about me. I hold my cleaning staff and landscaper in higher regard.

Marchese had more to say, stating that, “They should be more concerned about the health of their mother as I know it is not good and Teresa’s marriage to Rino after how Teresa and Joe Guidice humiliated their entire family on TV (It is my understanding that things became physical between the two because of what Teresa G brought to light on the show).”
I know if ANYONE did that to my family, I would not be breaking bread with them,” Marchese added. “I most certainly would not be kissing Teresa Giudice’s rear end to get back on a show, OBVIOUSLY.”
Marchese wrapped with telling us that, “As for Jim and I, we are doing fantastic and looking forward to the Holidays. Merry Chritmas, Happy holidays, and I love you all!”
A source close to the situation added that, “The comments the twins made about Amber were unexpected, as they had made peace months ago. Amber was always nice to them, and this was an unnecessary, vitriolic way for them to try to stay relevant. It truly was nasty.”
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