Gretchen Rossi Tech Company

Gretchen Rossi Tech Company On Way To Billion Dollar Brand

Billion Dollar Brand!

Gretchen Rossi has been involved in her successful Gretchen Christine collection for some time now, but now she has partnered with a tech company that is on it’s way to becoming a billion dollar brand! Want details?

Gretchen Rossi Tech Company On Way To Billion Dollar Brand

According to recent reports, Rossi has partnered with ZIP! ZIP! is a question and answer application that was initially designed to settle arguments, something Rossi knows all too well from her days as a Real Housewife. According to data provided by the company, the growth since the application went into App stores earlier this year is outdoing Twitter!

Ric Militi, who is one of the founding partners of the app, talked to Fox 5 in Washington DC and told them that, “Having Gretchen on the Zip team made perfect sense. She is a brilliant business woman and her success as a TV star still looms, even years after her departure from Housewives. I challenge anyone to have a debate with her and walk away a winner… she’s just too good.”

In addition to Rossi partnering with the app, many television stations are starting to use it as well to engage their viewers.

The app is available on both iPhone and Android and is free of charge.

This definitely sounds like an exciting venture for Rossi and an app that we will have to check out!

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