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Farrah Abraham Endorses Book By Pastor Ron Marinari & Wife

Book Tested, Farrah Approved!

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has always been open about her life, and now she has gotten behind a new book by Pastor Ron Marinari and his wife, Patti, entitled “Bedchambers,” that talks openly about erotic love. We caught up with Pastor Ron to exclusively talk about his book and how Farrah ended up getting involved.

Farrah Abraham Pastor Ron Marinari Book Endorsed

On how they got the idea for the book, Pastor Ron explained that, “My wife Patti and I have been married over 30 years. We have had 6 children. We had a cable show in 2002-2004 (it aired 8 continual seasons – called One Flesh) that highlighted the very subject matter of our latest book. So, in essence, we have been studying & teaching on this subject for many years.

“The book was written to both inform and encourage all couples that are thinking of marriage or are currently married,” he continued. “We have been pastoring for almost 30 years and bring a lot to the table when it comes to counseling married couples. However, as of late, we began an online mentoring business that coach’s couples on a weekly basis to help them further enhance their ‘spiritual oneness & erotic love.’ We felt it would be much more effective to work on the front end of marriages, rather than the back end when it usually is too late.”

He also explained that, “We wanted to make a contribution to a much broader audience with the same message.”

Their book is definitely a unique one, as Pastor Ron revealed that, “There aren’t very many books on this subject. We have used the ancient text from the Jewish, Catholic and Christian faith known as the Song of Songs and wrote a book on it. So essentially, we merged God and Sex together in a very edgy and positive fashion.”

So for all of you wondering, how did Farrah get involved with this? 

We asked Pastor Ron and he told us that, “About 2 months ago, Farrah requested our book. She read it. She fell in love with it. She then invited us to be her guests on a SEXPO radio show in the UK a few weeks back.”

“That was the first time that Patti and I spoke with her,” he continued. “I found her to be very spiritually connected to the book. She actually quoted scriptures to us on the broadcast. That was very becoming to us, because we are attempting to reach a large audience of spiritual people from all walks of life and from a wide variety of faiths.”

Did the fact that Farrah is on Teen Mom have anything to do with them wanting to work more with Farrah?

“It had nothing to do with it whatsoever,” Pastor Ron said. “She obviously represents much more than that.

She was very professional and kind when we spoke,” he added. “Again, we are really pleased that people, like her, who have an interest in spirituality & sex, are buying, loving & endorsing our book.”

This definitely sounds like it would make an interesting read, especially for couples who are newly married.

For more information on the Marinari’s and to pick up their book, head here.

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