Fetal Records A Colorful christmas

Fetal Records A Colorful Christmas Review

Christmas Cheer!

It’s that time of year where we are getting inundated with holiday music- and we love it! Recently, Fetal Records- a label based out of Maryland with punk roots and more recent blues efforts- released a Christmas compilation entitled A Colorful Christmas. So is it worth checking out? Read on for our review!

Fetal Records A Colorful Christmas Review

A Color Christmas, which is a compilation of both original material and cover songs offers a unique take on holiday music. This is both due to it’s use of various artists and the fact that the label is using this release to showcase their line of talent.

Some of the highlights include the unique and upbeat “Reindeer Romp & Roll” by Jet Watling, the folksy and emotional “Homeless Christmas” by Scott Taylor (who’s voice we adored), and multiple cuts by Tony Fazio, who released an album we liked last month.

Overall, with A Colorful Christmas, which clocks in at 21 tracks, Fetal Records has created a different type of Christmas album that we really enjoyed. In a land where every holiday album tends to sound the same, this one stands apart from the crowd. We’d highly recommend picking this up if you get a chance!

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