Nekter Juice Bar Classic Cleanse A Healthy Must

Get Healthy!

We are all about anything that is natural and healthy, especially at this time of year where it’s so easy to get off track. We were thrilled to get the opportunity to try two of Nekter Juice Bar‘s cleanses recently, a great company based out of California. In the article below, we focus on their classic cleanse (and will be discussing the advanced cleanse in another post).

Nekter Juice Bar Classic Cleanse A Healthy Must

The Nekter Classic Cleanse comes with 6 bottles per day that are made from the freshest cold pressed vegetables and fruits.

Before we describe what each juice contains, we want to address the most common questions we get:

How do the juices taste? We adore the taste of green juice, and find Nekter’s to be among the best we’ve ever tasted. The juices are fresh and, although you are cognizant of the fact that you are drinking something healthy, it also tastes delicious.

Are you starving while on the clease? The answer to this is a resounding no! Each juice is extremely filling- as they’re chock full of LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies- and, as you’re drinking one every few hours, you don’t really ever have time where you’re hungry.

Here is the information on Nekter’s site that describes each of the six bottles in the classic cleanse:

Drink #1
Your first drink of the day is a blend of delicious vegetables like kale and spinach with a refreshing kick of cucumber, apple and mint. Day One is packed with antioxidants and vitamins to detox your kidneys, liver, pancreas, and blood. It’s a fresh start for your system and already it’s singing “Thank You for this amazing drink!”

Drink #2
You’ll continue your day’s cleanse with a light and delicious trio of pineapple, cucumber and coconut water. The pineapple acts as an anti-inflammatory. Electrolytes are bursting out of the bottle to help you stay hydrated. This will leave your insides feeling happy and clean.

Drink #3
Halfway through! This alkalizing green blend features the Mean Greens: spinach, kale, and parsley. We’ve added lemons as a natural antiseptic to help zap the toxins. This blend will help detoxify and stimulate the antibodies. Snack on some almonds if you need to!

Drink #4
Meet Skinny Lemonade. We’ve blended lemons and cayenne pepper, a little sweet and a little spicy, to give you a refreshing, but very important drink. The cayenne helps bring blood to the surface and allows those toxins to easily leave your body. A NEW you is just around the corner.

Drink #5
You’re almost there! The very last green drink of the day, we made sure was a tasty one. Apples are added for sweetness and packed with soluble fiber to help clear those nasty toxins from the colon.

Drink #6
You made it! Your very last drink. We like to refer to it as dessert because it is sweetly flavored with vanilla beans that have anti-nausea and calming properties. Plenty of protein and minerals that aid the lymphatic system in waste elimination make this a perfect, last drink. Congratulations on a successful Cleanse! We hope you feel great!

We thoroughly enjoyed this cleanse, and found that it made us feel lighter, healthier, more invigorated, and happier. At $40.00 for six bottles, we found it to be a bargain.

We also like that Nekter ships anywhere in the country.

If you’re looking for something healthy to add to this holiday season, we’d highly recommend Nekter’s classic cleanse.