Brandi Glanville James Kennedy

Brandi Glanville- James Kennedy Is A Liar Exclusive

Liar, Liar!

Today, Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy claimed that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville had tried to kiss him in the past. Specifically, he said, “I was about to but then Kristen Doute was standing right there, so, I couldn’t. It was really annoying. Brandi kept saying how handsome I was.” He also claimed she was drunk at the time. We spoke exclusively to Brandi to see what she she had to say.

Brandi Glanville James Kennedy Is A Liar Exclusive

I never kissed him and never even met him,” Glanville exclusively told us. “I stopped going to Lisa’s restaurants about two years ago when we started fighting, so I’ve not been to SUR or Pump or any of the restaurants since then.”

The only guy I ever kissed was Anthony, the guy who was dating Lauren– and that was years ago. He kissed me and I was NOT drunk then,” Glanville added.

She wrapped with saying that, “I’ve never met James. I’ve never spoken to him. He is not my type of guy. He is absolutely a liar.
Glanville followed up with a tweet that echoed the same sentiments:
Brandi Glanville James Kennedy
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