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Recently, Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson launched a new fragrance V By Vicki. While some of the initial reviews were not very positive, now that it’s been a few weeks, what are people saying?

Vicki Gunvalson Perfume More Reviews Trickle In

Unfortunately, the bulk of the reviews on Amazon for Gunvalson’s perfume continue to be negative.

Here are some of them:

“Yuck!” one reviewer wrote. This fragrance should be renamed V by Vulgar. It comes in a tacky bottle that looks like it belongs in a white trash brothel. The offensive overly-sugary scent left me feeling like a menopausal aged cougar who wreaks of desperation, bad plastic surgery, and horrible taste. Like other cheap, low quality fragrances, it leaves a messy sticky residue all over your skin. I couldn’t wait to wash this filth off my body. Unless you’re going for the scent of a washed up, white trash woman, I’d steer clear of this mess.”

Another user wrote that, “I can’t stand the smell! The odor of a Love Tank long past empty!”

Yet another reviewer added that, “I was expecting it to come with a large binder with colored tabs showing history of product. It didn’t. I also expected Terry DuBrow to be selling it via IV.”

Smells Like S*** Spirit!” still someone else wrote. “If you want the meth head woohooing each time your rancid scent wafts by, buy this junk. Not even Miss Piggy would wear this. It’s Vile, it’s Valium, it’s Vapid, it’s Vacant…It’s V by the Vulture!”

While there were 26 negative reviews, there were some positive ones, including one that wrote, “The smell is possessive and captivating! Very elegant and succulent fit for any woman. The bottle alone is timeless and just a beautiful creation. I recommend this for every woman.”

Tell us- what do you make of the negative reviews? Are you surprised to see them? Let us know below!

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