Brooks Ayers Wins Legal Settlement!

Victory For Brooks!

A while back, we reported exclusively how Brooks Ayers had been victorious for a second time in the Vicki’s Vodka lawsuit and how he planned to seek his legal fees back. Now, Ayers has had a third victory in this ongoing legal battle. What do we mean?

Brooks Ayers Vickis Vodka Lawsuit Wins Again

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Ayers was able to obtain his legal fees back. Specifically, he got $130,000 awarded to him for his legal fees!

The documents Radar cited specifically stated that, ““Defendant David Brooks Ayers moves for attorneys fees against Robert Williamson III, who sued Ayers and other defendants over a failed vodka business in 2013. Finding that there was no reasonable basis for Williamson’s claims against Ayers — which Williamson himself seems to admit by not responding to either Ayers’s motion for summary judgment or to this motion for attorneys fees — I grant Ayers’s motion.”

In a year that has certainly had it’s challenges for Ayers, this is clearly a win.

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