Brandi Glanville- Lisa Made Up A Story For Sympathy

Seeking Sympathy!

Recently, Brandi Glanville spoke exclusively to us about a text message Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump alluded was about her dog that passed away. Glanville spoke more to Rumor Fix about Vanderpump today and why she feels Vanderpump made up the story about the text. What did Glanville have to say?

Brandi Glanville Lisa Vanderpump Wants Sympathy

Glanville told Rumor Fix that, “There have only been three episodes of RHOBH thus far and in each of them either Lisa or Ken has taken a dig at me. I am not on the show to defend myself and I didn’t feel a need to put it on Twitter and make it a public thing but I did feel the need to let her know how I felt about it.”

“I happen to still be very close with everyone that works at RHOBH,” Glanville continued, “and I know that Lisa has been complaining up a storm about the backlash she is receiving for not believing and questioning Yolanda Foster’s illness. When I texted her I was referring to her having her moment and people finally getting to see her for who she is.”

Lisa is distraught over her backlash and needs public sympathy so she is making up this story claiming that I wrote the text [to be hateful about the death of her dog Daddio] — a dog that I didn’t even know existed,” she added.

Glanville also elaborated that, “I texted this to her so that not to start a public war but she lives for press and apparently, although distraught over her pets death, she was out at a party and showing everyone the text I sent her and did what any mature person would do and called TMZ immediately so that she could play the victim and vilify me.”

Glanville wrapped talking Vanderpump with saying that, “Lisa is simply trying to gain sympathy and make me look like the bad guy when she is the one constantly taking digs at me on national television.”

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