Vicki's Pic With Jeff Posted To Anger Shannon Exclusive

Stirring The Pot?

For the past six months or so, there hasn’t been a ton of positive press about Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson. It’s clear she has been trying to move on from her hard year, though. Recently, she posted a picture with fellow Bravoleb Jeff Lewis where she thanked him for his support; however, we have exclusively learned that the picture may have been posted to get a dig in at Gunvalson’s old BFF and costar Shannon Beador. What do we mean?

Vicki Gunvalson Jeff Lewis Picture A Dig At Shannon Exclusive

An insider close to Gunvalson told us that, “As viewers know, Shannon and Vicki were good friends but had a major falling out this year.

“While Vicki is obviously able to be friends with whoever she wants to be,” the source continued, “Vicki is well aware of the fact that Shannon is good friends with Jeff.”

“Vicki isn’t stupid,” the insider added, “and knew that posting a picture of her with Jeff would definitely be a dig at Shannon.

“There has been a ton of hurt caused in the relationship between Shannon and Vicki,” the source wrapped with saying, “and, unfortunately, it shows no sign of ever improving.”

Tell us- do you think Vicki knew posting a picture with Jeff would hurt Shannon? Sound off in the comments below.

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